Is the behaviour of a loved one causing you considerable concern? Is substance abuse (drug and alcohol use) getting out of control? Are you frustrated by your inability to communicate constructively with your loved one about a recurring problem that clearly needs addressing?  An Intervention may help.

Interventions can happen in many different ways, and can be as simple as preparing friends and family to unite from a firmly grounded position. We can teach families and friends how to communicate their concerns in a loving way with a consistent message of support, yet maintaining strong, helpful boundaries.

More involved interventions can include facilitated face to face meetings with a person in trouble, or structured assistance to help that person into treatment. Sometimes, people need to just have their issues brought to their attention in a focused, helpful manner.  Other people need more structured assistance, with a great deal of ‘coaching’ and the provision of adequate support for them and their family and friends.

Interventions can be designed in so many ways depending on your situation – just call us for an obligation free consultation on how we can help.