The Intervention Process

  • Interventions can be requested by family, friends or workplace colleagues.
  • If you are unsure about whether an intervention is suitable, a no-obligations initial assessment of the situation can be arranged.  This initial assessment, conducted by one of our highly experienced clinicians, will help you decide whether an intervention might be useful and can also help build initial support to move forward.
  • If following the initial assessment, an intervention is recommended, a comprehensive consultation will be conducted, with our clinicians speaking to as many potential participants as possible in order to customise the intervention accordingly.
  • We will research and evaluate all the possible treatment options available and prepare detailed summaries for all parties involved in the potential intervention.
  • We will determine the structure of the intervention required and make arrangements to plan the event.
  • Participants will be informed every step of the way how the intervention will be conducted and what will be discussed. Importantly we include the person in crisis in these early discussions.  The intervention is not ‘sprung’ on them and they are aware of it being scheduled.
  • Depending on the approach the intervention can be performed in your location and preferably on neutral ground.
  • Usually, an intervention is conducted over 2 days in either the morning or afternoon. Our intervention specialists are available to answer any queries you may have after this time.
  • For more detailed information please call Interventions Australia direct.