Our intervention services team always consists of two highly experienced intervention specialists who will work together with the person at the focus of the intervention and their family/ friends/colleagues. At Interventions Australia, our approach is gentle and supportive in contrast to the ‘tough love’ approach utilised in more confrontational (and less effective in our opinion) models. Though less confrontational, our intervention programs remain clear, concise and compassionate. Some of the key elements of our intervention model are summarised as follows:

Highly experienced professional team.

Interventions are conducted by a team of highly experienced professional intervention specialists with many years of direct experience in counselling, mediation, education and training. The intervention programs are a culmination of years of research into the most effective intervention approaches taking into account a person’s age – young or old; their occupation – employed or possibly retired; and lifestyle – contained or chaotic. Whatever the circumstance there are numerous options and strategies available for our clinical team to construct a successful intervention.

Transparent with no manipulation.

A positive intervention must be honest and dignified. The family and person at the focus of the intervention are informed that an intervention will occur and both will be thoroughly prepared for a facilitated meeting. We do not support manipulated encounters where a person is shamed and ‘forced’ into a hostile meeting with accusers. We aim to preserve the dignity of each party instead.

We are compassionate and supportive.

Our approach is compassionate and supportive, rather than punitive and controlling. Outcomes are generally poor if people feel ‘forced’ into treatment. Intervention research has proven that voluntary commitment to recovery yields more permanent change.

We look for solutions and help to establish direction.

We examine all the options available for all the parties involved, and provide detailed information on all types of treatment. Interventions Australia will provide a list of useful clinics, psychologists, counsellors and a range of private or public program options that will be appropriate for the individual. We will also provide important strategies to help support the family, friends and colleagues involved.

We are holistic and strategy based

We promote a holistic and strategy based approach to the problem at hand – encouraging all parties to understand themselves as being parts of a greater whole where each party has a role to play in order that the fractured web of relationships can be healed.

Every intervention is customised and unique.

We do not prescribe a ‘magic formula’. Rather we take the time to establish a relationship from the beginning in order to understand what will be required of our intervention specialists. We believe each situation and client is unique and our interventions are flexible and adaptable as required. Our intervention model and structure is devised after in-depth phone consultations with those involved and our intervention specialists. This will enable us to develop and coordinate the most effective and appropriate approach. We will also discuss the necessary preparations required for the period immediately before and following the intervention, including support options for all parties involved.

We don’t label.

We try not to use pejorative labels such as ‘co-dependant’, ‘addict’ etc – rather, we focus on behaviours, and on the desired outcomes required. A crisis intervention will not be shaming or blaming, rather an opportunity to move forward in a positive and encouraging way.

Our approach is nurturing, soothing and grounding.

We recognise that families and friends may be traumatised, scared, frustrated or overwhelmed by the time they reach the point of requesting an intervention. Our response in turn will be grounding, calming, nurturing and soothing. We believe interventions are not battlefields, but rather, an opportunity to express compassion and honesty. We will give you the tools to express your concerns in a calm and affirmative manner to guide and support both parties through the entire process.