There are many ways of conducting an Intervention, but key features of an effective intervention program should include:

  • the bringing together of a person at the focus of the intervention and their family/friends;
  • facilitating a solution focused discussion and to educate all parties about the issues at hand;
  • structuring a safe environment so that all parties can face each other honestly and move forward;
  • identifying and interrupting any dysfunctional cycles of communication and behaviours that are enabling or unhelpful;
  • providing support for all, promoting optimism and instilling hope for the future;
  • providing clear, concise and succinct information about treatment options;
  • determining and discussing the needs of each party; and
  • helping to delineate useful boundaries and limits to problematic behaviours.

Years of intervention research and experience has enabled us to develop dignified and successful intervention programs that help not only the person at the focus of the intervention but also the people requesting the intervention. Our early intervention service will assist and support you from your first contact. Please be assured that any communication relating to an intervention is held in the strictest confidence.